Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This image tells the tale of this spring. 4 feet of snow just North of us....I'm glad we aren't still on the Smith River!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lawn Ornament???

It's amazing what people will put in their lawns to attract attention.

Is this real? And if so how in the world did he get in there?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Here you go. Hopefully this takes more than 3 guesses like last weeks image. 1st right guess gets a free 8 by 10 print from my website. Anyone outside of the US will receive a free upload for the image of their choice.

Either post your guess on the blog or on my facebook page!!

Good luck!!


Here are a few images revealing the long drawn out winter we are having this spring. Grabbing an image of a coyote can be a challenge. They are always on the move, and when they aren't they are sleeping. You have to be ready at all times with these guys because you never know when they are going to jump up and take off. Be prepared to walk a lot of miles!!

Deep snow usually helps because then the coyotes tend to use the road from time to time for travel...same as the bison and other large animals. Great if you are shooting, not so great if you are stuck in a traffic jam trying to get around them.

Point A to point B. I try to tell the whole story when photographing wildlife. There was a gentleman who stopped next to me and jumped out to take a photograph.... the only difference was that I had my 80-200 mm lens out and he pulled out his 600mm. I'm sure he got a great tight shot, but after he clicked the shutter a few times he jumped back in his car and left. The story, to me, here is not just a tight face shot of a coyote, but his destination, and his past. How did he get there? What was the surrounding terrain? What is he doing? Provide enough information in the photograph so that the viewer can create their own story.

Tough image to see so small, but 3 coyotes are running thru deep fresh snow. The only tracks are the ones left behind.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I have been struggling to find an image that will stump the viewers. But it has challenged me to think outside the box...on how I usually shoot.

So here image that isn't that hard to figure out....but you must be very specific on what this is. Good luck....either respond here on the blog or on facebook.

First one to guess right wins a free 8 by 10 print off my website. If outside the USA I'll send you the file.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Another fishing blog.....what can I say....tiz the season and I love to fish. Here are three images taken within 10 shots in the field....all with completely different feelings. I used a polarizer which gives the images a warm tint...a little warmer than usual. But nice

The first was taken immediately...hence the net. The net actually helps fill the empty space that would have otherwise been there without it.

This second shot was just a fun shot with our curious dog "Emma" checking out the action. Adds companionship while out fishing. Someone to smile to and share the experience.

The third shot creates a bit of mystery. No faces are present which channels the viewers eye back towards the fish, the main subject. You still know who else is present but now you get to create their faces and expressions instead of them being told for you.

I'd love to get opinions, feedback, and favorites....with explanations. Don't be shy. I promise to post a mystery image which the winner will receive a free print of their choice.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Another spring fishing trip turned winter. But the fish were still biting!! Here are a few shots from the trip.

The first is your standard fishing shot. Big fish, guy smiling, scenery in the background. Did I say big fish!! The colors were amazing.

Here is a shot I took after the standard setup. Typically when I'm on any shoot the first 20 shots or so are simple and less creative until I work out the kinks. At first I'm so excited to be out shooting that I just shoot everything I see for the first few minutes. Then I take a deep breath, step back, and get creative.

This second shot isn't amazing...but it is a different angle than most fishing shots you see in magazines.

Macro in the works. I was going to use this for the mystery image, but it is too obvious. FYI I will be posting a mystery image by next is in the works. The toughest thing to do is grab focus, because macro is very up close and personal. And with live subjects and no tripod a lot of patience and a little luck are needed. The end result is worth it.

This final shot is the most creative of all from me because it opens up new doors for the next time I go out and shoot. It was a bit risky though, because I don't have an underwater housing kit. The bottom of the lens was literally in the water and creates the extra dimension. There were a few midges on top and a 25 inch fish in the water. Life doesn't get much better than this.