Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Winter and Fishing?

The fishing may not be off the charts every time you go out in the winter, but the potential photographs are another story. Color, lush grass, and bugs....not this time of year. But prime light, snow, and frozen fingers can be expected.

This first shot was taken right at sunrise....when we left the trail-head and started hiking upriver it was snowing lightly and socked in. Then the light popped...only for a I scrambled up the bank and was able to yell at Jeff...a good friend and excellent angler to cast away.

This second shot was taken the SAME day....just a few hours later and a mile downstream. I used the lensbaby to capture a new feeling...cold and snowy.

Staying warm is the key......finding the fly-pattern of course is more crucial because if you are catching fish warmth becomes secondary. Jeff was so dedicated that he would go back to our camp and tie flies after a full blistery day of fishing.....can't wait to get back out there!!

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